Opera sung in klingon

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"OH DaHjaj Qaq jaj vaD ' bI ' reS '. It was with this unintelligible to some phrase, "today is a good day for the Opera", It debuted in the Hague, in the Netherlands, the first opera sung in klingon, language spoken by the aliens in the universe of the Star Trek series.

The Opera is one of the pillars of Klingon culture, that is part of the fundamentals of Star Trek, and led to the creation of the show U (representing "universe" or "universal"). "Klingons are known to be Opera-lovers, but at the same time, very little is known of the Klingon Opera here, so far as I know this is a very interesting challenge to make it authentic, or as authentic as possible ", I told the creator Floris Schonfeld. – Confesses that after this, are you feeling less nerd.

The spectacle of 90 minutes account a história de Kahless, the unforgettable, conhecido como o first imperador Klingon. Os ingressos are à venda para as presentsções no teatro de Zeebelt, which has about 100 places.

In video below, You can watch Star Trek series scenes in which the characters sing and speak klingon:

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