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girls rock windows 7 themeMac Os – Progressive Metal
Who has/does if you think such, top. Pode ser bonito e fast, but only a handful of the stand.

Windows Vista – Black Metal
Is too heavy, and no one understands. Only True will survive for more than 10 minutes. Thing of the demo.

Windows XP – Heavy Metal
At the beginning it was heavy and people were with the foot behind, But today all have at home.

Windows 2000 – Progressive Rock
Opened new paths, and what you have today is due to he.

Windows ME – Emo
Is a shit, but there are people who likes.

Windows 98 – Hard Rock
Already had their golden years, and is still idolized by many, But today nobody else sees.

Windows 95 -Blues Rock
Revolutionized the history, but nobody remembers him.

Windows 1.0/2.0/3.0 -Love Metal
Existed, but nobody saw.

Has done quite successfully in the year one thousand nine hundred and Guarana with stopper, and today all you can see in history class

Ubuntu/Kurumin – Punk
Ideal for those just starting out.

Slackware-Power Metal
For beginners is a sacrifice, for advanced is a beauty. Who likes idolizes, who hates passes away.

Alguém estava cansado do que tinha no market e criou algo novo.

Red Hat-Thrash Metal
Also had their golden years. Despite not being the same, even today has a huge Legion of fans.

Many have heard, but few saw a real one.

Windows 7 -Industrial
Sounds good, but it is still Windows.

Windows Server – New Metal
Who uses seems to be the one, but cobra to do half, What competition does for free.

Android – Hero Metal
Without many instruments, does better than most of the competition

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