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Acha que nerd só fica na frente do computer? That nothing! They run very well in front of people. E quando trata-se de amor nada melhor que as cantadas que aparecem pela Campus Party. Noting that some of them are forbidden for children under 1.800 lines of code!

  1. Marry me I give you hosting, domain and free support.
  2. You're not the organisation but left my hard-on.
  3. Your tent can be double or not?
  4. I wanted to be a blog for you to visit me every day.
  5. cantada virtualCan you believe, você é o kernel do meu Linux.
  6. When you see the frequency of my CPU speed.
  7. Even the most powerful video card would reproduce the graphics of your beauty.
  8. Para que usar o Google se eu já achei tudo o que procurava em você?
  9. Your USB is compatible with my PenDrive?
  10. I'm still going to find a hole in your firewall…
  11. To get you out of my head, formatting only!
  12. Throw Me on Google, me chama de Search e me diz que eu sou tudo aquilo que você procurava!
  13. You're my compiler code.
  14. I hope that you do not block my pop-ups.
  15. My Linux is jealous of your compatibility with me.

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