Similarities between Women and Computer

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1 – Cost more than expected.

2 – Never do exactly what we thought it would.

3 – After a while, você percebe que não consegue mais get without.

mulher computador4 – After you realize you cannot do without, and then you realize that one is no longer enough.

5 – Some(some) are public(the), serve several people.

6 – You can do milagres com eles(the), but only if you know the correct code.

7 – When you're sure they(the) will do exactly what you want, do the exact opposite.

8 – The only thing you can predict about them(the) is that going to do always the unpredictable.

9 – Todos os anos são lançados new models, more new, more efficient and can provide you with much more than your old.

10 – Quando você está happy e satisfeito com o que você tem, você vê o que seus amigos arranjaram e você passa a querer um(the) equal to theirs.

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