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Email error

A couple decide to spend their holidays on a Caribbean Beach, at the same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 20 years before.
Por causa do work, the woman may not travel with her husband. Let go a few days later.
When the man comes to your hotel room, vê que há um computer com acesso à internet. Decides to send an email to his wife, but misses a letter without realizing it and sends it to another address.
The email is received by a widow who had just arrived from her husband's funeral. To check your emails, She passes out instantly.
The son, upon entering home, encontra a mãe caída perto do computer. On the screen it says:

“Dear wife,
I arrived well
Probably surprise you to receive news my by email. Mas agora tem computador aqui e pode-se enviar messages às pessoas queridas. Just arrived and I've made sure that everything is ready for you to come in next Friday. And I hope your journey is as uneventful as being my.
JUST A DETAIL: Don't bring too many clothes, Here is an infernal heat.”

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