You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

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You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

In the range of a lecture on computing in the bathroom. Linus, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. After uma rápida passagem pelo mictório, Mr. Linus carefully wash your hands, turns to Bill Gates and says:

- We, the Linux, We are perfectionists.

Bill Gates also wash hands thoroughly, taking care to rub between your fingers and under the nails. Launches um olhar desafiador para o Sr. Linus and exclaims:

- We, the Microsoft, We are perfectionists and particular!

In this moment, Steve Jobs, I was turning my back on the ridiculous scene, If runs outside the bathroom. The unison, Linus and Gates asked:

- Steve, you're not going to wash my hands?

And Steve Jobs replied, dryly:

- We, the Apple, don't piss in my hand!

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