Quickies of Informatics

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Quickies of Informatics

Não ouse pegar esse phone só para pedir socorro aos bombeiros! Estou no meio de um download!

FORMAT C: …Sim …Yes …Nããããããoooo!!! ^ C ^ C ^ C ^ C ^ C.

This virus requires 600 KB. Free up more memory to run.

Jamais deixe seu computer saber que você está com pressa!

There are two types of people in the computer world, those who have already lost the HD and the ones that are going to lose a day.

Blessed are the pessimists, because they did backups.

O Natal das pessoas viciadas em computer é diferente: on the day 25 of Christmas, Papa Noel runs down through the modem cable, the serial port and says “Merry Christmas, ROM, ROM ROM!”

They use always free… I use Modems

Daddy, Why don't magnet is on this disk?

/= * = CAUTION!!! If you had a TK-85 that would be an enemy ship.

DOS never told me: Excellent command or filename

System error: Press F13 to continue

Masturbation, the human version of Autoexec.bat.

A informática chegou para resolver problems que antes não existiam.

GPF = Gates Providing Features

Show Me your bookmark, and I will tell you that you're a Netizen…

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