Despair of a Client

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Na época que eu trabalhava na CompuSystem aconteceu uma coisa que me fez perder o employment:

“Tava” raining a lot and the power went out from the Centre of Seoul that was 20:00 in the middle of the last class of the day

We were in the dark and P * of life, quando recebi uma ligação de um de nossos customers dizendo:

- Mister please u could help me?

- Yes what you need?

- É que meu computer num quer ligar

- Okay you are where?

- Of Arapuã.

- OK let's see if I can help you.

- Thanks.

- You pressed the on button?

- Yes!!!

- Tighten and Secure account ateh 5 and loose!!!

- Okay let me see (some 10 seconds after)… Gave the same…

- Okay, He's plugged in?

- I do not know…

- Could you check please INTA?

- A gives…

- Pq?

- This very dark…

- Turn on the light…

- Num da pq acabou energy por aki!!!


Now fika imaginando pq eu fui despedido!!!

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