Google Logo honors scientist Hertz

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The Doodle, as is known the Google logo, de hoje presents uma homenagem aos 155 years of birth of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

Heinrich Rudolf HertzO nome Hertz é familiar para todos que utilizam technology Nowadays. Pode ser visto na potência dos processadores de computer, smartphones e tablets por meio da sigla Hz em megahertz ou gigahertz.

Hertz is a unit of frequency which measures the number of cycles per second of a periodic phenomenon.

E o cientista alemão Heinrich Rudolf Hertz foi o first a provar a existência das ondas eletromagnéticas e que estas poderiam viajar longas distâncias.

The unit hertz was established in his honor in 1930, 36 years after his death.

Interestingly, Hertz was unable to identify a use for his discovery. However, his experiments have opened space for the invention of radio and television.

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