As the Wikipedia remains in the air?

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Most of us know the Wikipedia, the free online collaborative. Every second, the free virtual servers receive between 25 thousand and 60 thousand visits, Depending on the time of day. And have you ever tried to imagine the size of the structure to keep this giant in the air?

Currently, There are almost 700 servers and 100 officials at the disposal of Wikipedia. However, the site counts on the help of some 100 thousand regular editors, that maintain the texts in order. But, even though the estre 5 most accessed sites in the world, the big problem here seems to be the money to afford all this, month-to-month.

All years, the team calls for cooperation from netizens. A campaign created in 2011 by Jimmy Wales, President of Wikimedia, aimed to raise $ 16 milhões (cerca de R$ 27 milhões) in order for the site to continue with their work. On that occasion, Wikipedia has the largest collection of its history: were $ 20 milhões (cercaabout $milhões)millioned thanks to more than 500 one thousand gifts.

The money is used to fund infrastructure and operational costs, as employees and servers, broadband and Web hosting, In addition to other projetos da Wikimedia Foundation.

To manage and ensure that all services are in the air, the Foundation has a “secret”: the software called WatchMouse. It is a service of NimSoft monitoring experience, used by other major companies like Amazon and Google Apps. Represented a huge change software in Wikimedia. The program tracks and monitors the situation and site response time, giving an overview of the tools, ZDNet India site.

Basically, the difference está aqui: formerly, a Wikimedia contava com a Community de usuários para que problems fossem relatados e consertados. However, It took a while to be done. Now, the Foundation manages to learn of problems before they cause any impact to users.

The Wikimedia released even a page that gives real-time information about the status, performance e disponibilidade de seus sites na internet.

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