Coffee helps retain the smell of sewage

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 ajuda reter cheiro esgoto estudo  Os amantes de café de todo o World podem se contentar: the piles of waste that they drop can help rid the world of bad smell of sewage.

Researchers at the City University of New York reported in the journal The Journal of Hazardous Materials that can absorb the coffee waste gas hydrogen sulphate, in great parte o causador do terrível mau cheiro do esgoto.

Currently, using activated carbon or charcoal porous to extract hydrogen sulphate of sewage treatment stations. However, the researchers found that, When the coffee is transformed into waste activated carbon, It absorbs sulfur particularly well. This is due to the presence of a key component: caffeine.

Caffeine contains nitrogen, gas that increases the ability of carbon to eliminate sulfur from air, Teresa J said. Bandosz, chemical engineer at the University and one of the authors of the report. To carbonize the Lees of coffee, She and her colleagues had mixed the lees to water and zinc and then dried up the mixture in an oven. Bandosz espera que empreendedores adquiram os direitos de patente da Search e a convertam em um negócio.

Itself a great consumer of coffee, Bandosz came up with the idea since it plays out a large amount of waste. “O café fresco funcionaria still best, It has more caffeine”, said. “But it is not cost-effective to utilize it.”

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