Google Earth displays great barrier reef

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 google earth exibir grande barreira corais  A Search irá fotografar e mapear a Grande Barreira de Corais, located in Australia, in a format similar to Google Street View.

O resultado da pesquisa será exibido em images panorâmicas de 360 degrees in high definition and can be explored by divers or people interested.

Corals and all living things present in the Great Wall will be photographed for the first time in underwater images in a project that will use underwater cameras.

We will use two cameras, each equipped with four cameras that capture in HD. Each of these cameras will take pictures every second to long of 2.300 miles of great barrier reef.

The equipment also have ability to collect samples to be studied, In addition to detect changes in the ecosystem. Data as sea temperature, taxas de calcificação e protection nativa dos corais também serão recolhidas.

Named Catlin Seaview Survey, o projeto terá início em setembro e conta com a partnership da Universidade de Queensland, Google, ONGs e patrocinado pela company britânica de seguros Catlin.

The images will all be published in sites Panoramio, Google Earth and Google Maps, In addition to a channel to view them in 360 degrees. A channel on YouTube will also be created to display them.

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