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Web DesignerOn the day 24 February commemorates the Day of Webdesigner, Professional que dedica seu tempo na elaboração de sistemas online.

Foi-se o tempo em que os users de internet se atentavam apenas ao content que ela oferece. After All, that added content, without that user from being able to find what you really looking for a clear and precise way? There was a time in which any source servia, any color was good and any button was helpful. Today, the first thought is not only in the information, but in visual, layout, usability and the effect that this work will cause the user.

Therefore, os nossos parabéns a todos os Profissinais da Web que acompanham o Tips in General. Hits!

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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