New military satellite will be launched today in the USA

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 satlite militar lanado hoje  The new satellite of the u.s. Navy will be released this Friday (24). The MUOS-1 (Mobile User Objective System) é o primeiro de uma série de quatro releases cujo objetivo é aprimorar as comunicações militares.

The Atlas V rocket 551, responsible for boosting the satellite until the space, It was released on Thursday (23). Already the launch do satélite acontecerá as 20h15 (zone de Brasília) This Friday.

The likelihood of it happening in favourable conditions is 40%. About 15 seconds after launch, the rockets if Atlas V vehicle desprenderão 551 and will fall over the Atlantic Ocean.

It is worth remembering that two launch attempts of the MUOS-1 were suspended on days 16 and 17 February. This is because there was a strong layer of clouds and high winds in the Air Force station.

The MUOS-1 belongs to a new generation of tactical communications system in narrow band. It was designed with the goal of providing an American military communications capacity ten times larger than the current, anywhere on the planet.

The MUOS program was developed by the Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Sunnyvale, in California. The contract made in 2004 reached 2,1 billions of dollars for the manufacture of the first two satellites. The MUOS will replace the UFO network (UHF Follow-On), current tactical communications system of narrow-band satellites.

O contrato também incluiu other três artefatos orbitais. Um deles ficaria em órbita como uma espécie de substituto para ser usado caso os outros tenham problems. With this, currently, the contract for the fabrication with all satellites included got around 3,26 billions of dollars.

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