Application sends alert to remind user to take your medicine at the right time

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 aplicativo envia alerta lembrar usurio tomar seus remdios hora certa

If you make daily use of some type of medication, but often forget to take the medicine, You'll love the launch newest application the Iconosys: the Digital Pillbox, that sound alerts to users so that they do not forget to take your medication.

The Digital Pillbox is a simple application that allows users to store all the information about the medicinal products which they use as, for example, dosage and times and, Don't let you forget to take your medicine.

"The Digital Pillbox goes beyond being just a tool useful to help you not to forget your medicines. This application allows the user to be careful with medicinal consumption and ensure better health results going forward through the dosing alerts, storage and consumption ", He said the Health Care Technology Online Wayne Irving II, Iconosys CEO.

Once the user add the medicines and vitamins that consumes daily, the application will provide you with important information about each substance. In addition, He has a medical calendar, where users can access your schedule with consultations and examinations that must be performed.

The Pillbox Digital still allows the user to export a document in Microsoft Excel with their consumption data so that their doctors have greater control over the health of their patients.

The application is available for apparatus iOS and Android and can be downloaded for $ 9,99, but until the day 9 March the concerned may acquire the Pillbox fully for free Digital.

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