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Exercícios com appsThis Monday (27/02) demos Tips how people can lose weight playing video games. Now, We show how the applications for smartphones and tablets can also help you lose weight.

The fashion of practicing exercises at home and with the help of equipment came to mobile devices. Applications that teach Yoga positions, Pilates and stretching and even apps that come with racing performance are multiplying in the shops of mobile platforms. Those who aren't fans of video games have the option to download the programs, some free, and put the body to move anywhere, anytime.

One of the most successful applications that made last year was the “My Fitness Pal” (iPhone and Android). The reporter for The New York Times managed to lose 28 pounds in less than a year. The secret is that the app count with the help of the chubs friends, that can motivate them to keep up the pace and does not fall into temptation. The person put their diet and daily exercises on Facebook and Twitter and colleagues accompany efforts. The app is ideal to be used in conjunction with other programs that do you, effectively, malhar as the “Gain Fitness” (iOS), which draws up drills to be done at home or at the gym based on time, equipment and knowledge of the person. And best of all it is free.

An app that also controls his eating habits and exercise is the “Lose It”, that, In addition to being available on the App Store and Android Market for free, It can also be accessed via web. The application shares, still, reports with social networks and brings up graphs showing the evolution of diet and the lack so that you reach your goal. The most interesting is that it brings a list with the calories of various foods, that can help much at meal time.

Still in the App Store or on the web you can get help from “Daily Burn”, that scans barcodes of foods and tells how many calories they have. Like other, It allows you to share with your friends your exercise routine as a form of motivation. Following a somewhat different line, the “Run Keeper” (iOS and Android) accompanies any physical activity by evaluating your performance, counting calories and kilometers travelled. All your history is saved on a Web site and you can access it to check your progress.

Already the “Fitness Class” It is much simpler, but it can be a good help for the more experienced who are without the time or money to go to the gym. The app for iPad brings together a collection of videos that teach all: elongation up to the Kick Box. The cool thing is that classes can be chosen by the type of exercise, goal (dry, tone up or gain physical conditioning), training time or instructor.

Other similar options are the “Gym Pact”, that makes series of exercises on the screen of the smartphone and the “Get Running – Couch to 5 k” (iOS). The latter makes you leave the couch and run 5 miles. The goal is for the user to achieve mileage on 30 minutes, Therefore, It offers a variety of training programs that are becoming more difficult every week. The app works as a virtual personal trainer.

As add-on, the “Target Weight” (iOS) helps you to achieve the ideal weight. You enter your weight, height and a photo (of giving ... to see a part of your body that bother you) and the application calculates your ideal weight, giving tips on physical activity and diets perfect for your case. To make the weight-loss program even more real, the app calculates an average time for you to rapidly attain your goal.

Weekly, you have a goal to meet, You can follow a plan more radical (1 pound per week), normal (0,5 quilo) or healthy (0,25 qukiloBut, If your bid is not radical exercises, the “Pocket Yoga” is a lighter option. The app, available for Android (R $ 3,40), iOS (US$ 2,99) and even Mac OS X($ 4,99), offers 21 different yoga sessions. You can choose the environment where you want to practice Yoga, your experience level and the time of exercise. From there, uma instrutora vai realizando as posições ao som de uma music relaxante, explaining every move. The app also keeps a record of all lessons made by user to track your learning process.Still there are the “Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles” (iOS – $ 1,99), “Yoga Free” (iOiOS “All-in Yoga” (Android) and “Yoga Workout Planner”Androidid).

All teach Yoga positions and make practice easier. As Yoga is an exercise that doesn't require any accessory, applications have made very successful and generated good results. The student Patrícia Medeiros, for example, began to use the “Pocket Yoga” about a year ago and today is already at the highest level of training. “I ended up replacing my trips to the Academy by the comfort I exercise at home and for free. For more that Yoga is linked to something lighter, I already felt my very suo body more toned”, comments.

There are still many applications that teach some practice, accompany your training and diet programs. For those who want to start training with the help of some of them, the tip is simple: have discipline. If there is no regularity in the activities and power control, There is no app that will make you lose weight. If you are already practicing physical exercises using your mobile device, leave your tip in the comments below.

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