5 facts about the strong solar storm that strikes the Earth

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 fatos forte tempestade solar atinge terra  Came to Earth the stronger solar storm of the past five years. A tempestade – uma nuvem de radiação que viaja pelo space em altíssima speed – tem sua origem no desprendimento de parte da massa coronal do Sol que ocorreu há alguns dias. The effects of radiation in the atmosphere are visible in the polar regions, ondem it produces spectacular Australs and Aurorae. See other detalhes sobre o fenômeno.

1 – Intensity

Solar storm this week is ranked in the S3 level on the scale used by astrophysicists to indicate the intensity of these phenomena, ranging from S1 to S5. Esse nível é descrito como “forte” pela Administração Nacional dos Oceanos e da Atmosfera dos Estados United (NOAA). Above it, There are still severe "levels" and "extreme". S3 top-level storms are rare. A would be catastrophic level S5 and could cause major economic damage.

2 – Health hazards

According to NOAA, the radiation can bring health risks just in case astronauts and people aboard planes flying at high altitude over the polar regions. Accordingly, flights crossing the polar regions are being diverted to minor routes latitude this week. There is no risk to anyone who is on the ground or flying in tropical regions.

3 – Satellites

An extreme solar storm, S5-level, would be able to make communications satellites completely inoperative. But this is not the case of the phenomenon that happens this week, S3 level, It has effects far less disastrous. Even so, ele pode provocar falhas ocasionais nos satélites de comunicação e GPS.

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