SMS is still the most relevant messaging market

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 pesquisa acision mostra ainda serviço mensagens relevante mercado

Novas opportunities para operadoras assegurarem a relevância dos serviços de mensagens e receita através do fornecimento de novos serviços desejados pelos consumidores e pelos quais estão dispostos a pagar.

95% consumers in the United Kingdom respondents actively use SMS 93% Smartphone owners communicate by SMS, Despite access to instant messaging services (MI). 3 between 4 owners of smartphones (74%) said they need the SMS, of which 51% stated that without it would be lost 68% Smartphone owners are willing to pay for enhanced communication services (RCS – Rich Communication Suite).

According to a new survey released by Acision during the Mobile World Congress, o SMS ainda domina o mercado de mensagens móveis quando comparado com other serviços de mensagens tais como os serviços de Mensagens Instantâneas (MI) ‘ type Over the Top’ (OTT). 95% all participants questioned stated that actively use the text service, significantly more than the owners of smartphones that actively use services OTT/MI such as Facebook Chat (37%), Skype (20%), Twitter (17%), Blackberry Messenger (17%) and the? (16%) – the five most popular OTT services today/MI.

The search, It was conducted by Vanson Bourne and examines the habits and preferences of consumers ' mail submission, is the most comprehensive study to date on the mobile messaging scenario. Based on interviews with more than 1.000 usuários de devices móveis no Reino Unido entre donos de smartphones (63%) feature phones and (37%), the survey revealed that SMS has proven to be the most popular service among the owners of smartphones – 93% This demographics declared using SMS. In fact, the owners of smartphones seem to be those that appreciate the SMS, com 3 between 4 declaring a clear need by SMS (74%) – com 51% ofwithem stating that without it would be lost, Despite the ability to access different services OTT/MI on a smartphone. This highlights the immense value and reliance on text messages on the current lifestyle of consumers.

When asked about his preference for SMS mobile messaging services or OTT/MI, the owners of smartphones said they prefer SMS because of their reach (42%); reliability (42%); price (38%); delivery speed (37%) and the ability to send messages to groups (28%); Only 4% of smartphone users said that MI is more reliable and faster than SMS, with 35% stating that the SMS is more reliable and faster.

Commenting on the research, Jorgen Nilsson, Acision's Chief Executive, said: “It seems that the reports which suggest that the SMS is on his deathbed were highly exaggerated. In fact, It seems that the owners of smartphones and feature phones are United by their affection by text messaging service. What's interesting is that the SMS seems to exceed in appliances more usually associated with the IM service. Based on the results, We can see a long and healthy future for SMS, o primeiro e ainda o maior dos applications móveis”.

While research shows that there is a continued interest by SMS, users are also interested in enhanced services messaging. When asked about customized services based on SMS, a significant number of participants said that they would probably: message delivery notifications (47%); blacklist/white (40%); message copy (37%); search for messages (37%) and reminder services (35%). This proves that there is an opportunity for carriers to extend the functionality and the lifetime of the text, increase customer loyalty and generate premium revenues.

To test the interest by Rich Communication Suite(RCS and RCS-and), participants were asked to classify him a service offered by your operator that included MI, transferring files, Group chat and sharing videos and allowing them to exchange messages with all users of SMS and MMS. Only 5% the United Kingdom's Smartphone users said they don't use such a service and 68% They said they would pay with satisfaction by those services, highlighting the potential for revenue generation that the messaging service still has to offer.

Nilsson concluded, “After reviewing these results it became clear that while the popularity of IM service is growing, He still has a long way to go to match the scope, confiabilidade e a nature onipresente do SMS. Analysts are predicting that the mobile IM service will exceed 1,3 billion users by 2016*, compared with more than 5 billions of users with access to the SMS today.

“IM really mobile services have their advantages but the market is currently fragmented since services cannot communicate with each other and depend on a smartphone or tablet with a mobile broadband connection. As a specialist in providing SMS services both as per IP, We are excited about the new opportunities in IP messaging services but believe that SMS will still have a role of leadership in our backbone Messaging Services, not only as a tool for connectivity but especially for brands that want to reach 5 billions of consumers who have access to the SMS in the news”.

This survey is part of a broader study on conducted by Acision messaging service, and additional results for regions including the United States will be announced over the coming months. To learn more about the search to Acision messaging mobile service and its role in message mobile service, visit booth .m545 in Hall Acision 8 or visit us at GSMA's RCS Presentation at the booth in Hall C118 8.

*Juniper Research (June 2011): Number of mobile IM users exceed 1,3 billion by 2016.

About Vanson Bourne and research

The Vanson Bourne, a research-led consulting specialist, performs search for users within a technological context. The company interview senior decision makers from a variety of positions, across a range of industries, from small to large organizations, in markets around the world. Vanson Bourne's clients range from start-ups to reputable companies who need expert guidance, providing reliable, robust analysis, research-based.

Mobile Messaging research of Acision was held in January 2012 with a sampling of 1.000 adults in the United Kingdom.

About Acision

As the world leader in mobile messaging services, the Acision connects the world driving relevant messaging services and perfect, which enrich the experience of mobile communications and creates new opportunities for carriers and enterprises around the world. For more information visit Acision at address

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