The importance of music in society

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a0014295 13483986Quem consegue viver tranquilamente sem a music como trilha sonora dos momentos da sua vida?.Be they good or bad. It is not difficult?

THE music tem um valor muito importante na sociedade desde os primórdios. Veja bem, Since prehistoric times for about 60.000 years BC. already existed traces, possibilities of already exists as the flute instruments lyrics, the lira, the harp, and over the centuries   was opening the boundaries of creativity and gradually with help the technology was expanding the possibilities,arriving in our 21st century electric instruments of more differentiated models and requirements.

The analogy that everything comes to believe and emphasize in our way of thinking that the people of ancient civilizations   needed a value that still they had adopted in their lifestyles,and though it was intense value, universal and important not only for that respective tribe, but for the other civilizations, generations that went to come, class-independent, clergy, colour or religion.

The whole story, facts, values and even factors contributed to making the music, This deity who she is: A universal culture.

Musician, producer, private music teacher and music columnist of the newspaper most read in Jewel/RS, the JIR.

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