Microsoft Announces return of PC and Xbox 360 for students

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edu hero pcXboxPromoTHE Microsoft Corp. Announces Today the successful return to offer students that allows them to, na compra de PC com base em Windows 7, se qualificarem para obter também o console Xbox 360 4GB free. A oferta está disponível para estudantes atuais, While supplies last, from 20 may in the u.s. participating retailers; similar offer will be available from 18 may in Canada participating retailers. Terms and conditions will vary depending on the participating retailer.

Together, PC based on Windows 7 and the Xbox console 360 provide students with the functionality they need in school, at the same time that help them stay connected with < a href = "#" rel = "nofollow" onclick = "hwPal1374501318. hwClqnaj (" friends "); return false;" style = "cursor: hand; color: # 000066; text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: dotted 1px;" onmouseover = "hwPal1374501318. hwShow (event, this friends ", "); = "; = " hand " underline = " solid "; ";" onmouseout = "hwPal1374501318; hideMaybe (this, " friends "); = "; = " hand " underline = " "; dotted 1px oncontextmenu =" " "; return false;" > friends and distant relatives .

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