Auditory Perception

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ouvindoMusic really is a ladder, full of stairs, which to devise our goals we have to climb one at a time with love, dedication, perseverance and sacrifice, tracing goals and putting into practice will be every day. One of the many questions asked that staff has questions is about the question of hearing perception. Hoje a percepção auditiva é o fator decisivo para você ganhar ou perder opportunities in market musical,did not doubt that my dear reader!

You can read, writing scores backwards, know all seven Greek modes, improvise in Egyptian scale, Persian, enigmatic,hindu… mas o que te faz um músico complete e prático você não tem trabalhado ainda?

In very first place to get a noticeable ear will emerge two-factor: train hearing in whatever practice, principalmente escutar muita music de diversos gêneros e tentar identificar as mudanças harmônicas de cada compasso. Learn the harmonic field of all 12 the chords and harmonic progressions chromatic scale will also collaborate to get where you want to reach: EXCELLENT AUDITORY PERCEPTION. But just alone, without any references, It is very hard! Also do not create illusions, because auditory perception and music don't you learn at night pro day, Coaching is the key to defeating the mistake and learn new things. Good luck!

Musician, producer, private music teacher and music columnist of the newspaper most read in Jewel/RS, the JIR.

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