Brazilian universities dominate the new QS University Rankings

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qs world university rankingsA Universidade de São Paulo consolida sua posição como a primeira entre as universidades latinas no QS University Rankings: Latin America, leading the list in its second year. The University of São Paulo (USP) leads the ranking, along with the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp) e a Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), all between 10 best classified.

O resultado aponta o dinamismo da Education Superior na região, with 40% das universidades representadas tendo sido fundadas nos últimos 50 years.


  • Domínio do Brasil, with 65 entre as 200;
  • Mexico: the UNAM is considered the best in academic reputation and the ITESM appears in first in reputation among employers;
  • Chile:   has four universities represented among the 10 first.

Top universities 250 by country:

  • Brazil (65)
  • Mexico (46)
  • Colombia (34)
  • Chile (30),
  • Argentina (26)
  • Peru (10)
  • Ecuador (6)
  • Venezuela (6)
  • Cuba (5),
  • Uruguay(4)
  • Costa Rica (3)
  • Paraguay (3)
  • Dominican Republic (3)
  • Bolivia (2)
  • El Salvador (2)
  • Panama (2)
  • Guatemala (1)
  • Nicaragua (1)
  • Puerto Rico (1)

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