DealExtreme announces sales prices with unprecedented discounts

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DealExtremeLast week, the DealExtreme(“DX”) announced unprecedented discounts on certain products and the positive response that the current settlement was impressive! Currently, a DX está oferecendo aos seus customers a incrível oportunidade de adquirir produtos de alta quality com até 50% discount on prices that were already low.

“There has never been a settlement of this magnitude in the history of our company”, said Daniel Wang, Director of marketing DX. “We are offering our clients the opportunity to purchase high quality products at incredibly low prices, and this is only the beginning of our efforts to go deep in discounts and present one of the best bargains that the industry has ever seen.”

The DX is famous for offering quality products at low prices, In addition to additional advantages as extraordinary shipping conditions, an extensive section and reliable opinions and comments on all products sold by the company, quality pictures of all products and, of course, an excellent customer service.

The settlement will continue until the end of stock. There will be other promotions of the same magnitude in the coming weeks and months. Acesse o site da DX para detalhes e other pacotes e materiais promocionais.

About DX

The DX is dedicated to offering your customers the best service, as well as the largest collection of amazing product offerings. With free worldwide delivery and the lowest prices, the is your best choice for gadgets na internet e o varejista mais dedicado à melhora contínua dos seus produtos e services.


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