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design thinkingVárias centenas de experts em innovation de todo o mundo estarão reunidos em setembro com pioneiros do Design Thinking em Potsdam, near Berlin to discuss models and future-oriented methods. Innovative solutions for the search fields, gestão e educação serão uma área de foco acrescida. THE “d. confestival” place of 20 the 22 of September. In their Conference and festival in combination, a single desktop is created by synthesizing creativity and productivity. The on-line registration is already possible in

The format of the event will bring together for the first time managers, trainers and researchers that focus on innovation and innovative work in team. Featured participants will be, between other, the founder of SAP and Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), Prof.. Hasso Plattner, as well as the pioneer of Design Thinking David Kelley. Also will be attending Oliviero Toscani, the mind behind the Benetton campaign controversy. Companies such as Metro, Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom will also participate. Interactive presentations and workshop formats, a task of global innovation, bem como uma área de exposição proporcionarão uma atmosfera internacional e múltiplas opportunities of networking.

The hostess of the d. confestival is the HPI School of Design Thinking, Hasso Plattner Institute ( Esta é a primeira escola de inovação na Europa para students universitários e é baseada no modelo do Hasso Plattner Institute of Design da Universidade de Stanford em Palo Alto ( The needs of the users themselves are the centerpiece of the Design Thinking. It goes beyond traditional methods of innovation, synthesizing the strengths of many interdisciplinary problem-solving strategies, thought patterns and cultures of communication.

“Lateral creative and innovative thinkers from around the world and completely different fields of activity will create together something new and exciting”, said Prof.. Christoph Meinel, Director of the Institute Hasso Plattner. Prof.. Ulrich Weinberg, Director of the HPI School of Design Thinking, added: “The d. confestival is the beginning of a collaborative event format that combines the seriousness of a scientific conference with the lightness of a festival.”

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