Machine uses valves to play guitar

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clippard air guitarThe first Brazilian Edition of the MD&M – Medical Design & Manufacturing (, a maior feira de technology e design de equipamentos médicos e odontológicos do mundo, premiered this Tuesday (26) in Sao Paulo with full House. More than 120 expositores de mais de dez países marcaram presença de olho no mercado de saúde e technology brasileiro.

The Clippard Instruments, company based in the United States, brought a curious and unusual equipment. Connected to a tablet with a special software, a contraption filled with small valves driven by compressed air cylinders plays guitar in different rhythms. With the name of “Air guitar”, o equipamento chama a attention de todos os visitantes, even those who understand nothing about valves or cylinders.

Already the Epson surprises with the speed and accuracy of robot G3, It carries out activities in industrial laboratory simulating statements. The Instron demonstrates in a machine that performs tests on materials like silicone prosthesis. A model stretches to test resistance, Another repeatedly knead ready made prosthesis, in order to ensure the integrity of the material and not the internal fluid leak.

According to data from Abimo (Associação Brasileira da Indústria de articles and medical equipment, Dental, Laboratory and hospital), as exportações brasileiras do setor cresceram 13% in 2011. The segment represents 35% the health industrial complex and currently generates more than 100 thousand jobs.

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