Why music is so important?

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imagesThere is a strong correlation between the plain and educação the music and the development das habilitações that children need to become successful in life.Self-discipline, patience, sensitivity, coordination and capacity of coordination and concentration are valued with the study of music.

  • The study of music also appreciates teamwork;
  • The music provides an important personal mode of expression;
  • The practice of music teaches students the overcome fear and take risks;
  • The study of music encourages self-discipline and diligence;
  • Improves the brain development;
  • Increases the motor skills;
  • Improves and increases the ability to memorization;
    • The song is recognized by many researchers as a sort of mode that develops the human mind;
    • According to studies carried out by German researchers, people who analyze musical tones feature area of the brain 25% higher compared to individuals who do not develop work with music, as well as those who have studied the musical notes and rhythmic divisions, obtained notes 100% larger than the other colleagues for a given math content.


  • Some musicians have absolute pitch, This is, are able to identify a single pure tone, coisa que nós other não conseguimos;
  • Conductors have a perception of spatial location of sounds above average of ordinary people.
  • There are musicians who can play around 2 thousand notes per minute;

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