Use of stabilizer and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential to ensure protection and security

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Lightning that strikes the vicinity where there are electronics in operation, for example, You can generate a peak voltage through the wiring, network, linhas telefônicas e other meios, podendo penetrar no computer por meio da tomada, telephone line or network data, damaging internal parts of the equipment.

estabilizadorWithin this scenario, the use of appliances as stabilizers, insulators and UPS modules, torna-se essencial para garantir a proteção dos devices, systems and files in the most diverse environments. They avoid the problems providing complete protection, data preservation and increase of the useful life of equipment and systems connected to them. APC by Schneider Electric, specialist in solutions and services for critical power and cooling environments, has specific products for each type of application, ranging from the home or residential area to the offices with high performance.

The stabilizer is a power regulator and its main function is to mitigate the voltage fluctuations that occur in electrical network. Should be used when there is a need to change the voltage from 220V to 110Ve oscillation occurs when the voltage, What can be perceived by the change of light in light bulbs, common in times of rain. These events can cause burning of the source of the equipment connected straight into the socket.

As well as the stabilizers, insulators modules should be used in the same situations and in cases of ungrounded outlet, What causes electric shock equipment and housing situations in which they appear small sprinkles on the television screen whenever other equipment is connected at the same time.

The main function of the unit is to ensure, in case of a fall of electric network, the operation of the computer and any other device that is plugged in it, giving extra time for the user to be able to save their jobs and do a safe shutdown. In addition to protecting in all other situations already mentioned, It is indicated for undervoltage tripping problems, overvoltages, outbreaks, power surges, noises, and Black-out.

In category ups for residential environments or offices, APC by Schneider Electric has the line of Back-UPS which provides power protection for wireless networks, computers, consoles de Games e outros equipamentos eletrônicos em residências ou escritórios. The company's products act against outbreaks and dangerous peaks being available in models of ‘ Tower’ or ‘ floor’ and, along with a variety of standard features, are the ideal choice for a secure connection.

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