The importance of information technology for decision making

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Evaluating the scenario 2011, We realized that we had the explosion of social networking and shopping sites in Group. In Addition To This, There was evidence, increasing, of technologies de e-commerce, enabling virtual business in direct competition to the physical world. Based on this information, the companies devem estar preparadas para absorver e entender esses movimentos que já estão revolucionando a forma de atendimento aos customers.

tecnologia mundoDuring many years, the information and the systems were treated in isolation, o que acarretava uma grande barreira e perda de speed para o tomador de decisão. Systems were acquired, without the worry of a Corporate integration – UMA suruba ERP s;Extract treatment system, customer registration, billing, de Pedidos ou Search de mercado etc. AND, Today we ask ourselves what is the impact of this, observing the scene already described for a wise strategic decision-making?

Over the last ten years of experience in the area of integration between business partners solutions, in companies of various sizes, We can say that one should not despise any source of information that circulate in the company, whether social networks, UMA suruba e-mail s, current and legacy systems, market information, etc… We must use these data assets and preserve existing investments. Through Web portals, connectors and collectors of information, We have to make the decision maker the allowance of correct information at the right time.

Through hardening of this information and its proper structuring, We can say with satisfaction, that applying the correct philosophy, the proper tools and the right questions, We develop intelligent solutions, that meant that our customers can reduce operational costs 40% the 60% in operational work or make a decision, before impossible to be performed.

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