The dilemma of the shortage of skilled labor and social media

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Once, mediating the implementation of strategic planning of a client company of hotel industry, We were asked: "In the opinion of you, If they had to choose a factor (driver) only that will affect our industry in the coming years, What would it?”. The social internet, We respond. "And a second fa”r?”. "The shortage of skilled labor". We have here, in these two factors, a tremendous dilemma.

social mediaUntil a few years ago, the power to create content was prerogative of suppliers of products and services. Today, the consumer sends your assessments and recommendations at low costs and with greater credibility, from the perspective of the own customers, than the official propaganda businesses. April search 2012, The Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, points to the following facts:

92% Brazilian consumers surveyed rely on recommendations from friends and family posted online.
70% desses consumidores confiam nas opiniões de other consumidores publicadas na internet.
There are about 2 billions of Internet surfers in the world today (UN).
There are approximately 200 millions of blogs and 120.000 new blogs are launched every day.
There are more than 5 bilhões de telefones mobile phones in the world, currently.

Word of mouth advertising has always had greater credibility. What changes? The fact that the word of mouth has never had a megaphone as powerful as the internet at your disposal.

The customer experience, that once was limited to their circle of friends, social relationships, colegas de trabalho e familiares, Today you can reach millions of users. TripAdvisor, for example, has more than 35 million reviews and opinions from travelers about their experiences with hotels, resorts, restaurants, destinations and tourist packages! Facebook has more than 500 millions of users who are 700 billion minutes per month on their pages! Qual é a nature do dilema? What the client generated content report? Your experiences. Experiences that result from their numerous interactions with products, installations and, especially, services. And these interactions are, primarily, with front line professionals.

I.e., qualificar este Professional para que as experiências relatadas sejam positivas não é mais uma escolha, But yes, a necessity. Eighty percent of consumers have reservations about buying products and services evaluated negatively in one of opinion sites (AOL's Brand New World Research, 2008). Course: If you have alternatives, to run the risk?

The detachment between the discourse and practice, may result in immeasurable costs to the organizations of the 21st century. That say United Airlines and the Brastemp.

Don't just monitor your customer opinion on the social internet and communicate with it permanently by means of digital communication, but take advantage of the increased IQ are companies with the advent of social media, to invest effectively in people. Treating the employee as an individual customer, criando um programa também individual de treinamento e development. Understand and master these two factors will determine, to a large extent, the degree of success of companies in the coming decades.

Written by Carlos Aldan

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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