15 August – Day of Informatics

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Brazil is considered one of the most promising markets and companies follow trends.

computador phenom x6O setor brasileiro de informática e tecnologia cresce vigorosamente, putting the country as one of the most promising markets, including investments. According to Ibope NetRatings, the Brail have 19,9 millions of Internet users, being the 5° country more connected. Consulting Germany Trade&Invest reveals that 60% of Internet users have less than Brazil's assets 35 years and pass, on average, 70 hours per week connected. According to IDC consulting, estima-se um growth of 12% the industry for this year, with expected revenues of 35 billion euros. The Day of Informatics, celebrated in this 15 August, underscores the strength of the industry and how the good time is being taken advantage of.

Labor forming, College COTEMIG is an important barometer of growth for this area. "We have registered an increase in demand for courses and also in offering job vacancies. Between January and may 2011, were disclosed 472 vacancies, While in the same period this year, the College received 500 last minute offers. Students seek internships and jobs already in the 1st period and many are hired by companies even before graduation, due to the scarcity of skilled labour ", points Maurício Ribeiro, Director of Faculty. Between the job and internship vacancies advertised in COTEMIG system, the senior applicants are technician in business computing, Systems analysts, Network analysts, Web site developers and programmer.

Part of this labor is absorbed by TOTVS unit in Minas Gerais, that, currently, account with 850 participants, only in Belo Horizonte. Market leader in Brazil and in Latin America, the company realizes in social networks a new way of dealing with users and companies. "Our flagship ERP software are (Enterprise Resourcing Planning or business management integrated systems, in Portuguese), with useful as back-office for the various economic sectors and companies of different sizes. Inauguramos uma nova forma de comunicação entre as pessoas como o development the technology Social ERP”, says the Director of TOTVS in Minas, Arnaldo Xavier.

Social ERP technology enables unstructured content are seen as related, increasing a diversidade de informações passadas a usuários e empresas para garantir mais assertividade nas decisões. "Social networking Content, emails and internet sites are unstructured in the network, i.e., viewed in isolation. Through a system of social ERP, companies, partners and customers, receive this content grouped by related topics. The user is informed about various aspects of the same subject, without leaving the social networking environment ", explains Xavier.

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