South American women are more selective in online dating, Badoo study says

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cantada paqueraSouth American women are more selective in the online environment, According to a global study on the response rate female male approaches on social networks. Performed by the Badoo, the world's largest network to meet new people, the survey examined 147 millions of online interactions and the index of female responses in more than 100 countries.

In addition to revealing the leadership of South America in the ranking by continent, It turned out that the women of Lima, capital of Peru, are the ones least respond to male online initiatives around the world.

The survey was conducted in 100 countries with more users of the Badoo, and aimed to analyse in what place men have more difficulty getting Womens responses to call them to speak in a social network. The South not only stayed in first place in the world rankings, as also occupy three of the top five places, with Peru (1o), Ecuador (4o) and Venezuela the5o). The Uruguay stayed in 11th place, while Brazil was the 14th.

“The Americas are among the most addressed by men on Badoo”, said Louise Thompson, Public Relations Director of Badoo, a social network of chat, flirting and dating. “Why, can be more demanding and choose when and who respond”.

Another way to interpret the data is that the men from South America need to improve the way they address women online. “Rather than just say Hello ‘ ’”, suggests Thompson, “the best way to start a chat can be talk about common interests, as music, movies or sports”.

No matter how much the world has changed, says Thompson, men are still more likely than women in time to take the initiative in the online environment. “We wanted to find out which places women are more likely to respond and talk when they receive a masculine approach online”.

In South American rankings, On the other hand, the women of Paraguay were the most predisposed to respond to male contact, followed by Chile, argentinas e brasileiras.

The researchers of Badoo divided the world into nine major regions, as for example South America, Central America, North America and Europe. Ended up discovering that the South is least respond to male approaches on the internet, followed by the United States, American and European Central.

After All, as the Brazilian men may have more success talking to women in the online world?

Badoo has prepared seven suggestions to increase men's chances in the online world.

- Rather than start just saying “Hello”, try to break the ice and try to talk about common interests, or subjects like music, movies and sports.

- Always place a photo of your face in your profile; never put pictures where you are shirtless.

- Always place your real name; avoid nicknames.

- Call the woman always by your real name. Never say things like: “kitten”, “My love”, “linda”, “Princess”.

- Always be polite and friendly.

- Don't send only emoticons in first approach.

- Don't ask her out the first time you talk to her. Take all the time she sees fit.

Women's world rankings more selective online:

  1. Peru
  2. Turkey
  3. Nicaragua
  4. Ecuador
  5. Venezuela
  6. Guatemala
  7. El Salvador
  8. Mexico
  9. Tunisia
  10. Senegal
  11. Uruguay
  12. India
  13. Pakistan
  14. Brazil
  15. Albania

Information: This table ranks countries according to the response rate a woman with a masculine approach online. The research was based on the 100 countries in which Badoo is more popular. At the top are the countries in which women are less likely to respond. The Peru appears first.

Três dos cinco main países são da América do Sul; nine of the top 15 are latinos.

South American Ranking of women more selective online:

  1. Peru
  2. Ecuador
  3. Venezuela
  4. Colombia
  5. Bolivia
  6. Uruguay
  7. Brazil
  8. Argentina
  9. Chile
  10. Paraguay

Information: This table ranks the South American countries according to the rate of responses a woman with a masculine approach online. The countries in which women are less likely to respond appear at the top (Peru).


Badoo is “the largest global social network for meeting new people”. Released on 2006, is today one of the major social networks in the world, with more than 160 millions of users all over the planet.

Badoo offers a fun and useful, making it easy to meet new people, talk, flirting and dating. Badoo is available in 40 different languages and in more than 180 countries around the world, and through various platforms, including applications muito populares para celular. Badoo is based on a business model called “Freemium”, em que os usuários têm acesso à maioria dos serviços free of charge, but can pay for special features. The European headquarters of Badoo is in London, and the company has more than 200 employees worldwide.

Source: PR Newswire

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