On social networks, users must redouble attention with privacy

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The number of Brazilians on social networks grows every year. In 2013, the expectation is that the phenomenon continue, but, along with the enormous integration on the web, aumentam também os riscos de Privacy from users.

The Brazil, including, comes calling the world's attention with the use of these tools. The country has the second with more Facebook users, having surpassed the mark of 64 millions of people connected, a growth of more than 13 million just in the last six months. Brazilians are behind Americans ' only, that are 169 million on Facebook, According to SocialBakers data, specializing in social network analysis.

privacidade“Os services de redes sociais estão cada vez mais incrementando seus negócios, that are predominantly made with the marketing of habits and information that we expose on the internet. And therein lies the danger. We have to make sure what we posted on the net, pois ficada cada dia mais difícil excluir um content ou saber exatamente onde e nas mãos de quem irá parar aquela foto ou dado sensível do usuário”, explains the lawyer Rafael Fernandes M, Digital Law specialist.

"Regulators have to supervise the use of this information and the fulfillment not only of the contract (often abusive and contrary to the legislation) as of fundamental rights provided for constitutionally. Companies are delivering the promised? The data collected do not injure the privacy? Private data are actually staying private? This is the challenge, not only for 2013, but for all the years to come ", alert.

So, We must think carefully before posting on social networks, blogs and the like. The lawyer suggests careful what you don't wish it was disclosed to strangers. "Avoid posting embarrassing photos, -personal. If you do, worry about who can view this material. Privacy levels control and publish only what it is favourable. Imagine if the content that can harm you in the future disclose job interview, for example. "

In 2012, the actress Carolina Dieckmann was a victim of hackers released sexy photos and family on websites. The case gained great national repercussion and accelerated the debate about creating a landmark civil, Kind of “Constitution” the network. In the plenary Chamber, However, the vote on the motion has been postponed six times in 2012, but must leave the paper this year.

"The advantage of the Landmark Civilian in relation to privacy is the fact of leaving the clearer rules: What can be done with your data, who accesses, the sale to third parties is prohibited without express authorization, among numerous other warranties ", says Rafael M.

The specialist, entretanto, says that the project lacks in some aspects. "Especially regarding data guard by providers of internet applications that is provided. Of course, if we think that their own social networks, in their terms of service, declare that store certain login details, cannot shirk compliance with. No entanto, This aspect makes me worried, pois não trará safety, and Yes more discussion, If content providers don't want to further collaborate with the Justice on the grounds that are not required to store data, on the basis of law ", Finalizes the lawyer.

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