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Taking advantage of the climate of celebration because of the Oscar Awards and the Golden Globes, Blockbuster Online has prepared more a tribute to the seventh art, with the selection of 25 movies mais alugados em 2012. The list includes from drama to comedy, action adventure, and shows the public's preference last year. Below is the list of the most rented last year:

cineminha1- I Want To Kill My Boss

2- The Price Of Tomorrow

3- No Way Out

4- Love All Evidence

5- Twilight Saga – Dawn: Part 1

6- Steel Giants

7- Contagion

8- The Iron Lady

9- The Clown

10- Colorful Friendship

11- Midnight In Paris

12- Sherlock Holmes – THE Game De Sombras

13- If You Drink, No Case! Part II

14- What's Your Number

15- O Homem Do Future

16- Central Bank Robbery

17- Puss In Boots

18- The Skin That Habit

19- The Three Musketeers

20- Immortals

21- Captain America – THE First Vingador

22- One Day

23- New Year's Eve

24- Ravenous Games

25- We Bought A Zoo

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