Smartphones: new generation's yellow pages. You want to enjoy or be part of it?

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THE development da Internet trouxe vários benefícios para todos nós. É evidente que o development da rede nos permite aproveitar de todos os recursos que ela é capaz de proporcionar.

smartphonesIn the age of the smartphone, its advance should always contemplate the creation of specific tools, such as applications para gastronomia como o Foodspotting, travel, as the TripAdvisor, Parties, technology, photo contests as the WinAMinute, for example, i.e., specialized resources that gather complete information input by users on these networks and that, in the search for a certain subject, We know where to find it, Thus the information entered by the user is properly treated and completely harnessed.

At the beginning of the Internet, When this was made public, We had much simpler tools in the relationship that we have today. In the 90, When the Internet was opened to the public here in Brazil, have a modem and a dial-up connection was enough to enjoy all the resources available at that time. During its inception and subsequent to its popularization, dealing with technology otherwise.

Yet we were not in the era of YouTube, Facebook and the like, but we were at the time of ICQ, IRC and the monthly payment to a provider of services over the network utilization, counted in hours of connection. Besides being charged in hours by the provider, We had the collection of phone call, by pulse, What were you doing with that many of us had to wait until the evening to initiate a connection and be charged for the call, actually very different communication possibilities that we have today. Like this, os recursos que tínhamos disponíveis na Internet eram facilmente supridos através da instalação de um modem no computer e uma linha telefônica.

Saudosismos apart, with the passage of time had the exponential growth in network, with the addition of more features and technologies that could not be served by dial-up at that time, Like this, later, the xDSL technologies, cable, etc., and 3 g and 4 g networks for mobile networks, capable of carrying much more content through higher bandwidth.

However, what these web advances represent? How do we handle the technology today? What our maturity level to connect with social media, for example?

In the past, the tools that we had on hand were used as a means to meet more people, discuss ideas, schedule meetings through the rooms that participated on IRC, etc., i.e., the tools were never used as end in itself, but as a means, Since you gave us another and innovative mode of communication than phone, since before the privatization of telecommunications in Brazil, have a fixed telephone line was something extremely difficult. At that time, believe me, but it was really hard to have a phone line.

Today we have a generation of young people who were born after this season, and the relationship they have with the technology is completely different from what we had in the past. Always connected generation boasts much easier these resources, mainly through social networks, i.e., the hipervisibilidade is already part of life since childhood and do not require any adaptation to deal with this situation. Do we really have to know if someone has a toothache, is having a beer or eating a risotto funghi sauce, in a restaurant through Facebook, for example? The way we deal with these resources determine our level of maturity in the use of these technologies.

So, the creation and the increasing use of these tools, allows us to consume the information generated by users of these tools and that without using these resources, specially developed for smartphones, We run the risk of generating information that can not be used by anyone, falling in a "limbo". Information is power.

*By Gabriel Perazzo; is enterprise network analyst CYLK.

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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