Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the world

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Study conducted by GlobalWebIndex, market research service on the web and social media behavior, disclosed this Monday (day 28), reveals surprising numbers. O Twitter é a platform que mais cresce no mundo, surpassing Facebook and Google , já que o número de users ativos do microblog cresceu 40% the second to the fourth semester of 2012, the equivalent of 288 million monthly active users.

twitterTwitter had 35,47 millions of active users in July 2009. According to the survey, in the last three years, the growth do microblog foi de 714%. The study explains that Twitter's growth is due to, mainly, ao fato da plataforma ser uma rede de nicho que deixou de ser uma tool social e se tornou um serviço, and today its main purpose is the information.

For Renato Hideki, head of the Agency's media Goomark, the platform took over the position of informing and gaining increasingly users for being a tool of easy handling. "The platform differs from other social networks because its profile take the information to users quickly and generating engagement. O microblog conseguiu uma posição de destaque do ponto de vista das companies, Once that collaborates with the construction work of the brands (branding), while also offers advantages and ultimately make life easier for users, that make use of the tool to gain discounts or be entertained in case of complaints ", evaluates Hideki.

This growth causes 21% of the world's population of the internet is connected actively with Twitter. Surprisingly, only 51% of active users claim to have published a tweet last month, which means that half of the active user base uses the platform only to read, reacting or using Twitter as a source of discovery. And the projection of growth must be keep, because data indicate that the time spent for internet browsing grew 37% of 2011 for 2012.

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