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The internet is bad out there? Seu bom humor já foi pro ralo? It's almost hitting someone? For you, is hell itself. But someone might be doing okay with it. The researchers Anne Laure Selliera (University of New York, USA) and Amitava Chattopadhyayb (Insead business school, Singapore) download-buttoncame up with a study that examines how the delay to achieve a goal "affect the search for such purpose, "in an online context". I.e., como a lentidão para baixar files influencia a sua dinâmica de navegação.

Let them explain: “Os downloads demorados são identificados como obstáculos significativos no meio do comércio e-mail. Acredita-se que um download mais rápido é sempre melhor para motivar os users a continuar navegando”. Then we agree. But they are still: "We challenge this belief. In three experiments, We found that lengthy downloads, instead of rapid, motivate users to continue browsing more ". IS: forced to wait, the Czech people Facebook here, opens Google Reader there, going from link to link. What benefits the pageviews, the commercials and everything else.

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