Tips to get a job again in 2013

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The beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to renew your energy, Rethinking life and set new goals. At that time many people make plans for various areas, How to take better care of health, find courses and also find or change jobs. According to a survey conducted recently in the United States, 5% of people have as main objective to get a new job this year. Entre os meses de janeiro e fevereiro surgem muitas opportunities professionals, but to embrace them is essential if you plan to.

trabalharWith the tranquility of this time of year, o ideal é aproveitar o tempo livre para elaborar ou analisar o currículo e refletir sobre sua trajetória Professional, and that makes it easier to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and successes and mistakes made over the years. O diretor-General da, Caio Infante, considers that have online presence is essential. "The internet is the first place where recruiters seeking professionals and have a good image should be the main focus". For those who are interested in change or find a new job, Infante destaca três os pontos main:

1. Job portals – It is important to have the curriculum joined a job portal, In addition, follow to the letter the default Web site, only this way your profile can be selected for the selective processes;

2. Social networks – Have a profile on Facebook and Twitter is very important to build a professional image, so be careful what you put, social networks are public spaces and all the recruiters give check before hiring. Create a blog and produce content is also a good way to attract recruiters;

3. Smartphone – Invest in a smartphone facilitates your search for job vacancies, so you can keep a copy of your resume saved on his cell phone and apply anytime.

By Caio Infante, Director General of

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