Stay long sitting is as dangerous as smoking or eating fatty foods

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Contrary to popular belief, sit back relax. This position so often to work or drive presses the disks between the vertebrae, compresses lymphatic vessels and increases the levels of body fat. But the good news is that making small hiking within the Office, answering the phone at the front desk without pushing the Chair of wheels, get a glass of water, go to the bathroom, i.e., move frequently, at least every 50 minutes, can help, and.

Sentado EscritorioThe result are backache, swelling, "belly", more fat in body mass, READ (repetitive strain injury) in the legs and glutes, higher levels of triglycerides and blood glucose. "And won't help working out an hour a day if the rest of the time the person is sitting", explains the physical educator Luciano D ´ Elia, Technical Director of 360 Core functional training.

Even those who do exercises regularly, in a gym, for example, but that just sit for hours, have independent chances have some disease. Even excluding smoking and on localized fat, for those who practice some physical activity, ficar uma hora sentando na frente da TV pode increase in 18% o risco de morte por problems cardiovasculares. As well as smokers are at risk 70% most of present heart disease, have sedentary behaviors increase the chances of cardiovascular problems.

D ´ Elia explains that the human body was not designed to sit all the time. The set formed by the bones, muscles and joints make up the musculoskeletal system, with three basic functions: locomotion, sustentação e protection. "Muscles stopped lose elasticity, strength and endurance. In addition, the rest of the body has to make a much bigger effort, which leads to a bad posture and muscle imbalance ".

Este desequilíbrio acontece com quem trabalha oito horas em frente ao computer. This posture only prevents the activation of the muscles responsible for stabilizing the spine, keeping the posterior thigh musculature in shortened position leading to back pain, shoulders and knees. Another consequence due to poor blood circulation is the swelling of the lower limbs. The trick is to stretch your legs during office hours. "Our calf, the famous potato Venosum, works como um segundo coração e a sua função é bombear o sangue pra cima”, exemplifies D ´ Elia, adding that "a good stretch in this region facilitates the circulation and reduces the swelling", concludes.

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