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In addition to being known as the country of soccer, the Brazil also leads the ranking of the list of countries that access social networks in the world. According to IBOPE, social networking sites had the highest percentage of recent times (36%), led by Facebook, with almost 44 million unique visitors in December 2012, 22% more than in 2011.

Publicidade OnlineWith high level of influence, social media came not only to be a diversion in the hands of the user, a miniblog with personal posts. On the contrary, the success was so great in the country, que a maioria passou a usá-las como uma importante tool corporativa.

An IDC study reveals that 34% the Brazilians use Facebook to work. Employees access the site at least once per day for business and personal purposes. Advertisers have realized the power of social media to leverage sales and invest in full swing in this sector.

The Lomadee, greater platform de publicidade online da América Latina e que faz parte do Buscapé Company, notes the trend and also proposes a greater behavioral change for the blogs, niche sites and social networks to the World Cup, in Brazil, in 2014.

Guga Stocco, Vice President of Development de Negócios e Estratégias do Buscapé Company, States that anyone doing business with content on the internet, She will be very well positioned in the corporate market.

“O maior evento esportivo do mundo vai impulsionar as vendas do comércio e-mail. So, advertisers are keeping a watchful eye on major blogs and social networks that will foster and leverage their brands, After all, e-consumers are more than ever an eye on internet, go compare prices online in search of the best deals ", analyzes Stocco.

For him, It is at this time that publishers (content developers) need to get organized and set up a strategic planning. After All, There will be the FIFA Confederations Cup later this year, a heated event for TV market, e as mídias sociais com iniciativas de marketing e propaganda de produtos e serviços irão extrair os benefícios das technologies.

Second Stocco, in the United States are already used social media as a business strategy and the results are noted frequently, mainly, in commemorative dates.

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