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A study done by Experian Hitwise, in 2012, indicates that social networks and forums lead to preference of Brazilian Internet users, with approximately 22% total visits 2012.

Redes Sociais NichoAs redes sociais segmentadas ganham space entre aqueles que querem as funcionalidades de redes sociais convencionais, but in a more restricted environment and with similar preferences.

"The goal is to bring people together and allow not only the exchange of experiences among them, but, mainly, the realization of new business ", Ronaldo's manager says Kend, from Campinas, that idealized Plastic NET, rede social voltada apenas para companies ligadas ao market de plásticos no Brasil.

Another important point is the integration of the network of plastic with other industry organizations. This partnership é destacada pelo diretor executivo do Sindicato das Indústrias de Material Plástico do Nordeste Gaúcho (Simplás).

According To Rafael Ramos, Trii agency Managing Director, responsável pela platform SuaRede, initiatives of this type are increasingly common in Brazil. “Social networks provide a more effective interaction threaded between people and companies in the same sector, Once that have a defined focus.”

About the network of plastic

Plastic network is a social network for companies and professionals of the market of plastics. Was created with the aim of facilitating interaction between manufacturers, merchants, producers and industry-academic, and currently has more than 2.000 registered members.

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