Invoice shall inform tax burden from 10 June

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Even grudgingly retailer class, the law federal que obriga a discriminação dos impostos embutidos em nota fiscal, enter into force from the day 10 June. The measure aims to give transparency to the consumer as to the existing tax burden on each merchandise.

Nota FiscalApproved in November by the House of representatives and published in 10 de dezembro no Diário Official da União, the law 12.741 determines inclusion in the invoice value corresponding to federal taxes, State and municipal. ICMS taxes, ISS, IPI, IOF, PIS, Pasep, Cofins and Cide, must be specified in a note or in Panel posted at establishment in visible place.

The tax lawyer of (the) BPHG Lawyers, Blumenau, Marco Poffo, evaluates the change in legislation as a cultural shift in the country. "The example of what happened with the consumer defense code, that improved the relationship between consumer and merchant, the new measure will improve the relationship of taxpayers with the IRS. In addition, a partir de agora, a população passará a ter condições de cobrar dos governantes a best aplicação do money que é arrecadado”, opines Poffo.

While the legislation still raises discord in portion of the entities, some retailers like Lojas Riachuelo, Lojas Renner e Telhanorte se anteciparam ao prazo e já are emitindo nota com o imposto discriminado, albeit in experimental mode.

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