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The search for a second language is no longer something only the young, com o aumento do turismo para a third age, the public was also seeking to perfect the language courses. On the demand, the British Centre launched the Golden Years, offering English for tourism and has a special teaching for people over 50 years.

Terceira IdadeCreated 3 months, the course already counts with more than 60 students. According to Bruno Gagliardi, Network Director, antigamente esses alunos acabavam em um curso de inglês General, and couldn't achieve the goal, to learn. "The number of students in this age group increased from a form, We had to think about how to improve education for them, that's why we created the course, to meet the need of this audience, with a different methodology ", concluded Gagliardi.

The classes are small, with a maximum 12 students, the methodology is geared towards this specific public and teachers are trained to serve them, because the rhythm and the goal of this age group are differentiated. "There was a concern with senior students who saw in English a different need-English for travel and shopping outside Brazil. O Golden Years presents para eles, a different way to learn English, back to real situations of language use in travel, informal conversations, purchases, restaurants, between other fatores”, explains Gagliardi.

Some people think, because of the age, learning is more difficult. Gagliardi disagrees "As most students already had contact with the language in various situations during the life, don't usually have great difficulties with learning ". Another feature of the course which helps the learning of this group is the fact that he's come back specifically for this age group, and teachers follow the pace and focus on the goal of teaching every student.

The basic level course has duration of two semesters, with classes of 75 minutes twice a week. The Golden Years is offered in all units of the British Centre.

About the British Centre

Founded in 1969, the British Center Franchises is a network of specialized schools in teaching languages. O padrão de quality se mantém em alto nível, making the school a respected institution by the success of each one of the students. The brand adopted the franchise system in 2008 and since then has achieved excellent results. The network, that ended 2012 with 30 schools in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná, is one of the four franchises in São Paulo, approved and chanceladas from the University of Cambridge as preparatory Centre and its applicator exams. He won also the seal of excellence in Franchising 2012, maximum recognition segment.

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