Doctors at UFRJ launch online application with alerts of upcoming vaccines

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Doctors at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) released this Monday, a application para lembrar pais e responsáveis de todas as vacinas que seu filho deve tomar, from birth until the teenager phase. O aplicativo foi released dentro do Portal Pediatra Digital, which is also maintained by doctors at the University.

VacinaTo be reminded about the upcoming vaccines to be applied on your children, parents and guardians must complete a simple registration informing name and date of birth of each child. From there, the system will send mail with minimum antecedence of fifteen days on the next vaccines, and also a list of vaccination stations closest to their residence.

Yogish Mahet, doctor responsible for drawing up the Portal and application creator, explains that this feature comes to solve a demand from parents and guardians who, many of the times, forget the correct date of application of each vaccine.

“Through this feature, a mother can register the date of birth of his son, and be reminded in advance about the upcoming vaccines, In addition to an explanation of each vaccine, dosage and side effects”. Dra Thatiane explica que o Pediatra Digital se consolida como uma fonte de informação de quality e gratuita. “We have reports of desperate mothers who, with the support of the contents made available on the Portal, have learned more about how best to care for their children.”

About the Digital Pediatric

The Pediatrician is a Digital Portal launched in March 2013 that teaches parents and guardians with useful information for each stage, from pregnancy to adolescence. A página do Pediatra Digital no Facebook já conta com mais de 30.000 fans and, According to the creators, It is expected to reach 100.000 until the end of 2013.

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