Understand the Multi-level Marketing and proposals for extra income on the Internet

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In recent months much has been commented, Visa and if invested, over the internet, nas atividades de empresas do ramo do Marketing Multinível (MMN). Initially the proposals are appealing, a time-intensive expressions such as "easy money", "extra income" and other derived. But, How does multilevel Marketing? Qual é a difference entre MMN e os esquemas de pirâmide financeira? Is it safe to invest in a network the internet? Learn the answers to these questions in this text.

Ganhar Dinheiro2Marketing comes from the English "market", If translated, means "market". How is a compound expression, We are the means with which the market has so that your sales are successful. The propaganda is the primary means. Multilevel Marketing is also known as Network Marketing. According to David Chaffin Portes (speaker, entrepreneur and publicist), o Marketing Multinível “movimenta bens e services através de uma rede de contratantes independentes, i.e., entrepreneurs who represent themselves a product or service ". Still, "the participant may both work only with the products offered, How can recruit new representatives ". In A Nutshell, marketing always assumes the commitment to sell a product or a service.

The Financial Pyramid schemes have been cited above with a very important purpose: eles já foram problems sérios no passado e, believe it or not, still can be catastrophic in the present day. This type of activity is considered a crime in many countries, including the Brazil. How they work? Are non-sustainable networks, i.e., do not work with the sale of products, and the remuneration it only happens with the recruitment of new members, that, in turn, pay for your participation. However, who really goes out the few that are are profiting at the top of the pyramid-illegal way. AND, Why not be sustainable, She is rui, generating losses to all participants (the lawyer who agreed to speak on the subject recommends the reading of cases "Oxen" and "Ostrich Master").

MLM networks there are currently working through the internet require initial investment, with values ranging from $ 50 until the House of R $ 30 thousand, and require that participants do advertisements shares and recruit new members. It's worth making this investment? David Portes dá as Tips sobre como ter a resposta: 1- Search the company's reputation; 2- Search the segment where the company and, If possible, try to meet your business plan; 3- Consider the investment we are requesting; 4- Consider the period estimated to have their investment back; 5- Reflect on what the opportunity can represent the long-term: You can grow the business? Is something sustainable? Answer these questions before investing!

It is important to be careful to get involved in activities that promise easy gains. David Paul, who was homeless and today is one of the most successful businessmen in Rio de Janeiro, leaves us an important reminder: "Friends, the old Valley: easy come, easy go!”. We can't forget, also, social networks have their own internal laws, We have all your personal data and may intervene judicially under any infractions. Enjoy that we are in the information age and learn as much as you can. Your future may depend on it.

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