The financial scams "Oxen" and "Ostrich Master"

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How does the financial pyramid schemes? This response can be found in the text Understand the Multi-level Marketing and proposals for extra income on the Internet. Mas, in this same text, They cited these two examples of cases where financial pyramid was applied and everything went wrong. Are examples that have happened decades ago. Mas, even tButy, não deixa de ser um problem, Since the existing pyramid schemes work the same way, just "change clothes" and adapted to technological and modern world. Meet both cases below.

Boi GordoOxen – In the best known case of Brazil's financial pyramid, 30.000 investors have lost nothing less than 3,9 billion reais. Seduced by the chance of pocketing a profit of at least 42% within a year and a half, they applied their economies on the estates Assembled Oxen. THE company chegou ao mercado em 1988, but only began selling the so-called collective investment contracts (CICs) in the years 90. The system was based on fattening of steers and calves, but the profits transferred were paid, especially, by the entry of new investors in the business.

Ostrich Master -Founded in Goiânia 1998, the Ostrich Group Master offered contracts of purchase and sale of ostriches with repurchase commitment of animals. But, in seven years of operation, No bird was slaughtered. In theory, the ostrich Master would have marketed more than 600 thousand animals. In practice, just had 38 thousand. The Group won 40.000 investors in Brazil, 30.000 of them only in the State of Goiás. To fatten up the bottom of the pyramid, were spent 4 million de reais em publicidade em 2004 – and only 100.000 real in feed for ostriches. When the pyramid collapsed in 2005, the company closed its doors and his associates fled to Paraguay. In 2010, a Justiça Federal condenou os dois filhos e o genro do dono da Avestruz Master a indenizar os investidores em 100 million reais. The accused were also given sentences 12 the 13 years ' imprisonment. The implementation of compensation, However, só irá acontecer quando todos os resources judiciais tiverem se esgotado. If performed, It will not be enough to cover the injury total embittered by investors, estimated at 1 billion reais.

With information from the Exame Magazine-Editora Abril- 1 July 2011.

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