The most interesting libraries around the World

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If you're the one person who leaves to go to the bar with friends on a Saturday night, to stay home by searching the most interesting temples reading,that matter was made for you!

Library of Congress

THELibrary of Congress It is the oldest cultural institution in the United States. Has three rental buildings in the city and Washington capital, possessing more than 155 million de itens, being that part of these, are translated into 470 languages. It is the largest library in the world.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Seattle Central Library

The library has a unique appearance and remarkable, consisting of several “floating platforms”, apparently wrapped in a large network of glass-covered steel. In their 11 floors, can hold up to 1,4 million books.

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Trinity College Library

With the largest collection of Ireland, the Trinity College Library, involves more than 4,5 millions of volumes. The library houses the "Book kells ",  famous 9th century manuscript Gospel.


Dublins Trinity College Biblioteca

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The monastery library

Located in Admont-Austria, the The monastery library It is the largest monastic library in the world. With Baroque architecture, It contains the ceiling adorned by frescoes by Bartolomeo Altomonte between 1775 and 1776, that show images of judgment, Heaven and hell. Composed of more than 200 thousand volumes, the Monastery Library holds more than 1.400 manuscripts.

Biblioteca Monasterio Beneditino Admont Austria

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National Library of Belarus

It is the largest library of Minsk and Belarus and has 8.600.000 books. Surrounded by lights, the Temple of reading is by far sighted.

Biblioteca Nacional Belarus

Photo: Flickr / danielzolli


Stuttgart library

Inaugurada in 2011, with cube format, glass ceiling and 11 floors, the Stuttgart library, Influenced by the structure and organization of the ancient Pantheon, presents um formato de coração que serve como um space de encontros central, with several floors that allow natural light through the roof.


Biblioteca Famosa Sttutgard

Photo: Divulgation

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