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The glamour of Fame just delighted many people, the explosion of Big Brothers, Fame, Idols is a long-standing phenomenon, all are in search of
Famathey're famous, they have the possibility to feel that are focuses of public admiration. This world of autograph, and to be recognized when passing in the street is something that people seek and aims, women buscando mostrar seus corpos malhados, men using de músculos para se promoverem como cartões de visita. Quem não tem esses atributos tem a possibilidade de mostrar seus dotes artísticos ou não em programs de televisão, No wonder that programs such as the presenter Raul Gil remain in the air for decades. This world of Fame is something that has captured the fancy of people.

Com a melhora da technology é raro hoje encontrar alguém que não tenha uma câmera portátil e possa filmar tudo que acontece ao seu redor, com isso temos a exposição dos novos famosos na internet e em canais do youtube e etc. This has generated a large exposure of people in the media, So how do we find cases of girls who end up being filmed nude and killing each other on the display without permission of your image.

Difficulties of a media that is now highly private and public at the same time, generating the invasion and the anonymous national-level knowledge and because no II. In the not too distant future, all still have their moment of Fame, bad or not, are data that end up generating fear for those who haven't already and to come to be famous, Since scenes of everyday life such as traffic fights, discussions, unpleasant actions that humans also demonstrate they are ready to be captured either in the street, in the bars, at parties, anywhere you can be captured by a camera.

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This phenomenon can cause an inhibition of bad phenomena to a more positive manifestation of people in their daily lives. Unless exceptions like having a reputation for anti-hero, most still want to be a famous for good. Let's do our part who knows we're not filmed.

Juliana Fernandes é psicóloga clínica e arteterapeuta, participa de grupo de estudo de psicologia re-imaginada e é membro do núcleo de psicologia arquetípica da Sociedade Brasileira de Psicologia Analítica.

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