Strip-doubts: MacBook Pro battery and problems with Windows 7

10 February 2011 | In Computer & technology | 423 views | By

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macbook>> Remove the battery from the MacBook Pro
Ronaldo Prass, estou com uma dúvida sobre a bateria dos computers MacBook. I read your advice on how to preserve the battery. Do you have any tips for Mac? Porque não dá pra tirar a bateria desse tipo de computer.
Paulo Rocha Godoi

Hello, Paul! A Apple usa uma technology mais avançada na construção das baterias do MacBook Pro e MacBook Air. Rather than using batteries lithium ion cells built with cylindrical, were developed lithium polymer sheets. The advantage of using this technology is due to the fact that a better use of internal space to accommodate the battery, Like this, the thickness and weight of the equipment significantly reduces. Because of this technology, the lifetime also increases, in a conventional battery life is something approximating 300 cargas completas, and run around 2 the 3 hours of autonomy. Already in equipment that use the battery based on lithium polymer, the lifetime is approximately 1000 cargas completas, with afull loads10 hours, Depending on the model of Mac. Because this internal structure, the battery will no longer be exposed, with this we do not recommend attempting to remove it. But don't worry, You can use your Mac quietly, because this technology already has an appropriate mechanism to avoid unnecessary wear on equipment battery.

bwmeter>> Router connection speed
Hello, I loved your article! I have on my computer the BWMeter, which measures the speed used. However, search for years that global programme to detect the speed used by the router. I think the BWMeter does this, but dont know how. Could you give me a hint?
Valerie Ferriani

Hello, Valerie!
The BWMeter has a feature chart on which he demonstrates the data transfer rate. Through this feature you can monitor the local network is traffic from router or modem. To view the chart you must run monitoring BWMeter, He is initially minimized with its available icon next to the clock. Locate the icon and right-click, will be available a menu, accesses the option "Show". Clicking this option will be visible two charts, in which they are displayed information for your connection. I hope I have helped, If you have any additional questions, be sure to post them here in the column.

placa mae asus>> No driver for network card
I own a ASUS K8U motherboard-X, que está rodando perfeitamente Windows XP, However when I install Windows 7, It demonstrates all his fragility. It is a disappointment to realize that a company so highly regarded on the market, I didn't bother with your customers. I, as several other, I find myself unable to use the features offered by the new operating system, because there are no drives that deem support for network adapters “ULi PCI Fast Ethernet Controller”. Please, If you know of any drivers that will solve this problem, help me out.
Marcos Andrade

Hello, Marcos! This is a big problem that Windows users 7 has reported. It should not be, but it is common for the lack of driver support for more "old" equipment. Although I disagree that a PC with a processor Athlon 64 might be considered outdated to the point of not receiving proper support, is the scenario encountered by many who want to upgrade your operating system. Officially in manufacturer's website There is no option to download for Windows 7. Researching a little more about your hardware, According to the manufacturer's manual, your network card is a Realtek 8201CL 100/10 Mbps LAN Ethernet. Unfortunately I do not have a PC with a plate of this model to test. I recommend that you browse the Realtek 8201CL driver specifically for, but it may happen that you do not have a driver for the Windows operating system 7. Viable alternatives that could revolve your problem, one would resort to a PCI network card that is supported by Windows 7, or perhaps reconsider the use of the Windows operating system. I've seen users with equipment that the hardware was not supported by newer versions of Windows, successfully migrate to Linux by finding a broader support drivers. Isso se deve ao fato de que o development ficar a cargo da comunidade, When more popular for the hardware, but likely will find compatible drivers.

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