Users are afraid to share location via the web

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Poucos brasileiros utilizam services de geolocalização no Brasil, including social networks like Foursquare, Gowalla and Google Latitude, but this type of website has great potential, According to experts in lecture at Social Media Week, Since it allows Internet users to find information about nearby places him. “The geolocation goes far beyond check-in”, says Juliana Lima, Communication Coordinator Pointing site.

geolocationOne reason is the fear of exposing information on the web, that can be accessible to anyone. “When social networks like Orkut emerged there was this same fear of sharing personal information and photos, but that no longer exists”, says Patrick Estrabom, partner of It ’ 's Digital.

Outside of Brazil, especially in the United States, Geolocation-based social networks have become a fever. Foursquare, for example, already accounts for more than 6,5 million users worldwide. This week, with the debut of the American Football League, the SuperBowl, about 200 thousand people made check-in (If registered) on site from various parts of the world. “The people who actually did check in is limited, corresponds to 5% of the total users worldwide”, says João Carvalho, PontoMobi co-founder.

For increase a utilização, According to the speakers, Geolocation and social networking companies are partnering to offer users advantages “palpable” that stimulate them to checkin in places. “Offer advantages such as a cafe for free helps you create a user base, but to keep them you need to offer something that helps the user”, says Carvalho.

According To Lima, do Apontador que oferece o recurso de check-in por meio do application Apontador Locais para iPhone, Geolocation-based social networks will win users in Brazil, but they should not repeat the phenomenon of Orkut, more social network used in the Country. Reflecting, companies must invest in targeted advertising to these networks. “In 2010, only 0,3% do faturamento de marketing no Brasil veio das redes de geolocalização”, She said.

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