Japanese create replica of R2-D2 from the Star Wars saga and is powered by solar energy

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Good afternoon guys, Airton Zanon performing hehe, Anyway, sou novo aqui no Tips in General e esse é meu primeiro post, I hope you enjoy.

O SolarR2 D2 criado pelos japoneses

The SolarR2 D2 created by the Japanese

Good, todos sabem da grande technology que roda em volta do Japão. Two academicians of engineering Hiroshima International University created an Android resembling R2-D2 from Star Wars, He calls himself SolaR2-D2 (as the name) It is powered by the Sun, It is powered by photosensitive panels.

The robot contains at the top of their stems cells that capture sunlight and turn it into energy, causing the Panel2-D2 can move. He works com energia solar, i.e., clean energy!

This Android could be called experience with clean energy, because now with this tragedy in Fukushima Prefecture the Japanese are finding that kind of energy more feasible.

The Android still has no use, porém quem sabe no futuro alguns engenheiros consigam colocar esse sistema em cars e talvez até para alimentar uma cidade inteira.

Good, I hope you enjoyed my first post here in the Tips in General.

Hug, Airton Zanon

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